• 2003

    How We Met

    The story started from way back in 2003. It was 2003 summer. I was practicing Basketball after school got over one particular day. One girl came dribbling the basketball. And that is the first time I saw her. After that i did not see her for some months . Our 7th Standard exam got over and there was a choice for all the students to take Either Oriya or Sanskrit as optional Subjects. Those who took Sanskrit move to another section of the class and those who took Oriya came to our section from other sections. I was in Section A. After the holidays when we all got promoted to Standard 8th, I saw that girl coming into our section, That was the first time we met each other face to face in our life. Then everything gone normally in the school. Then years passed and we graduated from school, till the time we did not spoke with each other, but had a certain unknown connection. Then time flew and the next some day in the year 2010 when i was in my 3rd semester of my engineering i saw her profile on Orkut. I thought hard before sending a friend request but eventually ended up sending it. Next day i got a notification that she accepted it. After that we started chatting on orkut, though Facebook was already there but i preferred orkut as she was not having a FB acount that time. Then after some days she asked me to opened a FB account and our chatting evolved into phone messages and then calls and we were speaking to each other more often.

  • 2012

    The Confession

    In between the time came when I was in 6th semester, Me and one of my friend Anurag planned that there is a need of time to confess my love for her, so one day we 3(Me, the girl and my friend) went for a drive planning that i would confess, so we stopped at one place and from 2 hours i tried my very best to confess but could not, so we decided to go back home however suddenly i gathered some courage and confessed to her and was scared that i would loose a best friend which she has become of mine, but to my surprise she took it very maturely and said that she would take her time to reply back but continue the friendship as it is. I was like 'PHEWWW', so again everything was normal again and I was in 8th(Last) semester and we had to do a major project, for that we need to take a training in a institute for the project, somehow she also wanted to do the project with us and we went to the institute together. And the exams came.

  • 26 May 2013

    The Proposal

    So it has been already 1 year to my confession and i am still waiting for her reply, suddenly one day in between the semester exams i felt something needs to be done, so there were 2 more papers for exam and here i was planning how to propose her. So one day i decided to propose her and to support this plan there were two friends of mine Partha and Anurag, they were as excited as me. Partha came to my house and we started to make some paper quotes for designing, Anuag went to CCD to have a word with those people and let them know that the proposal is going to happen the next day. SO finally the day came, the day of 26th May 2013, i took her to CCD and there was some strong storm started, resulting in zero customer in CCD with just 4 of us. However both Partha and Anurag went outside in that storm just to make sure me and her are alone so that I can propose her. So I finally did it and she said Yes. So we are officially in the relationship.

  • 18 April 2018

    We Are Engaged

    So years passed with those years we got to know each other and there was some heavy ups and downs came across us but we are still together. We both fought with everyone to convince them that we both love each other very much. So finally everyone accepted it along with all odds and a major thanks to our Moms to step ahead and support both of us in this matter and we got engaged and next is our Marriage.

  • 12 December 2018

    Getting Married

    We are getting married, Kindly bless us with your presence.